Billy Burke | Burke Carpentry

I was sent 2 packs of the product that had 6 Curb Defender in each box in 2021. I tried it out in one of my small shopping centers I plow. I was more than impressed it took me maybe less time to set up since with the snow sticks I’m trying to find soft ground behind curbs. This product I put right over Belgium blocks and stuck my polls in. The snow came and I could see all the curbs I usually clip with corner of plow. Love the product and will be ordering for all my parking lots.

Tom Iannarelli

For over 10 years I have been replacing our curb blocks because of snow plows not being able to judge the street. We live in a development with an HOA and we have spent 10k on repairing the blocks in front of our home. This year Curb Defender sent me a box of 6 and we had no damage thank you Please let us know when Curb Defender is available to purchase. We need 3 more boxes!

Ron Cobalt

Love product I have Belgium blocks in my driveway and I constantly hit them with my snow blower. I was shipped 6 Curb Defender and took me no time to put together and get them installed. I didn’t hit my blocks. Thank you Curb Defender, love the product my neighbors are all asking where I got it.