Curb Defender was created out of necessity. After being in the construction/snow removal business for over 25 years, we run into the same issue every season... Damage Repairs! Having numerous employees and countless snow removal locations, we have to deal with damaged curbs, Belgium blocks and other property at both residential and commercial locations every year.

It's very time-consuming and expensive going around to every location assessing damages with each property owner. In addition to those costs, we still have to pay for maintenance and repairs on any damaged equipment. These expenses cost thousands of dollars every year, and no one likes to pay for all that additional overhead.

Curb Defender is changing the look of snow removal everywhere by "Defining The Line" where it matters most... it defines the actual inside contours of your residential or commercial driveway or parking lot.

This gives snow plow drivers and homeowners the best opportunity to avoid damaging their property and equipment. Unlike any other snow removal product, it is a fast, effective and much more accurate property marker.

One of the biggest benefits of using
Curb Defender is the sense of security it provides.

It’s the peace of mind that you’re giving your property and equipment the best chance of not being damaged.